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Calvert County, MD

Calvert County is Maryland’s smallest county in land area with 213 square miles. It is home to over 87,000 people and has one of the highest standards of living in Maryland. Calvert is a peninsula, bounded by the Chesapeake Bay on the east and the Patuxent River on the west. Steep cliffs and woods predominate on the bay side while along the Patuxent, rolling fields slip gently down to the river. The County's many creeks provide refuge for wildlife as well as scenic areas for boating and fishing.

The topography of Calvert County is variable and rugged. An upland plain runs generally in a northwest‑southeast direction and forms the central spine of the County. On the Chesapeake Bay side, the upland terminates in high cliffs of clay, gravel and sand rising from the shoreline to maximum heights of 125‑135 feet. These cliffs are famous for the prehistoric fossils and sharks teeth that have been found in them. On the west, the upland areas slope toward the Patuxent River forming a level terrace commonly called "bottom land" and boasting some of the best farmland in the county. The elevation here varies from approximately 10 to 40 feet.

Agricultural Acreage in 2007: 29,244 acres
Number of Farms: 274
Number of Farm Markets: 2
Top three to five Agricultural Products: Grains, vegetables, and cattle

Total Local Economic Contribution of Agriculture:

  • Revenue from agriculture: $4,052,000
  • Per farm average $14,788
  • Crop sales $3,345,000 (83%)
  • Livestock Sales $707,000 (17%)

Agricultural Lands protected: 40,000 (County Website)

Principal Agricultural Contacts:

Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation
Veronica Cristo, Calvert County Department of Planning and Zoning
410-535-1600 x-2489

Maryland Farm Bureau Representatives:

Walt Wells - County President
Susan Allen - County Secretary
3695 Hallowing Point Road, Suite 3, Prince Frederick, MD  20678
(410) 535-9899 (W) , (410) 586-0799 (H)

Maryland Cooperative Extension: County Extension Director
410-535-3662 or 301-855-1150

Current Partners in the
National Capital Farms Network:
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