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Howard County, MD

Howard County is strategically located approximately halfway between Baltimore and Washington. Its location means that it has come under significant development pressure as these aforementioned metropolitan areas have continued to expand. Howard County sees itself as a place that allows for a successful melding of old and new, urban and rural, where the rolling green hills of the Piedmont meet the rocky fall line. Howard has the rural flavor of historic mill towns to the thriving Planned Urban Development of Columbia.

Agricultural Acreage in 2007: 29,317 acres
Number of Farms: 335
Number of Farm Markets: 3
Top three to five Agricultural Products: grains, vegetables, and cattle & calves

Total Local Economic Contribution of Agriculture:

  • Market Value of Agriculture Production: $ 22,685,000
  • Per farm average $67,717
  • Crop sales $17,892,000 (79%)
  • Livestock Sales $4,793,000 (21%)

Other Farm-Related Products or Activities in the County: Howard County Calendar of Events:

Agricultural Lands protected: 4,000 (County Website)

Principal Agricultural Contacts:
Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Program (MALPF) - Howard County
Joy Levy

Maryland Farm Bureau Representatives:

Justin Brendel, Vice-President
(443) 677-0627

Merhlyn Barnes, Secretary
(410) 489-4465

Howard County Cooperative Extension: 410-313-2707

Current Partners in the
National Capital Farms Network:
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